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    GPT-3: Hype or Hyper-useful to the Globalization and Localization Industry?

    GPT-3 may just change the way we work: we’re talking about a tool that can summarize mails and news articles, generate tweets and create chat-bots, and yes…translate language.

    Published by GALA, July 6, 2021, this article is about the OpenAI language model GPT-3.

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    The Robot Spoke Series

    A 5-part series of articles on speech technology, robots and intelligent agents.

    Published from Oct. 1, 2020 to April 1, 2021

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    Part 1: The robot spoke, but what did it say?

    How much of a struggle was it, despite the Golden Age of AI, for scientists to make robots move cubes around on a computer screen—let alone speak and understand natural language? By the late 1980s—the so-called Second Golden Age of AI—robots and humans still couldn’t converse casually. Something earth-shattering had to happen.

  • IBMs Deep Blue Computer

    Part 2: The Robot Spoke: How Machines Got the Hang of It

    Machines learned to listen, learned to see, and even learned to speak (a bit). Progress was being made on all fronts—from greater computing power, to better data-processing, to fancier algorithms. But fluidly conversing with humans was still a pipe dream. That would soon evolve: the 2010s would prove to be a game-changer.

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    Part 3: The Robot Spoke—And Sounded Smarter Than Ever

    Super-computers managed to beat humans at chess—and even at Jeopardy! The Internet of Things embedded minicomputers everywhere, allowing us to use our voices for everything, from turning on TVs, to microwaving popcorn. But computers taking orders from us is a far cry from computers conversing with us. So, let’s look at how researchers have been scattering rose petals along the garden path, setting the scene for us to be more intimate with robots.

  • Erica the humanoid robot

    Part 4: The Robot Spoke—and Said, “I love you”

    Not to be crass about it, but are we even interested in what robots have to say? Once you’ve gotten a laugh out of hearing the robotic Siri say, “I can’t be your designated driver,” what’s left? Isn’t Siri kind of a killjoy, a shoddy electronic wash-out? Sure, we’ve spent the last four articles building up to a future of brilliant talking robots. But what can we realistically expect from our artificially intelligent friends?

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    Part 5: The Robot Spoke—and Said, “Here’s What I’m Thinking….”

    Still searching for robots that could serve humans in ever more profound ways. And here we are, with robots increasingly able to educate people, to help care for people in medical contexts, to improve the quality of life in so many different settings. Indeed, the robot spoke, and no doubt will continue to speak to our needs as humans in myriad ways.

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