Hello, I’m Patrice

Writer, speaker, scientific researcher, I make art about technology

I’ve been exploring AI and Robotics throughout my carer.

As an artist, I create technology-inspired multimedia installations, exhibiting work at the Brooklyn Museum, among other venues.

As a computer scientist (PhD in Computer Sciences, NYU & University of Luxembourg) I’m a Consulting Scientist at Stanford University’s Robotics Lab. I’ve also worked extensively in Silicon Valley, and I founded the Social Robotics Lab at the University of Luxembourg.

As a writer, I do tech journalism and author peer-reviewed articles on computer science.

As a speaker, I talk—in plain language—about a range of tech topics, from the prospect of robots inheriting the Earth, to the future of Alexa, the ubiquitous digital assistant.


Patrice is available for writing and speaking engagements, art exhibitions and curation.