Hello, I’m Patrice

Writer, speaker, consultant on + makes art about technology

I’ve been exploring AI and Robotics throughout my career.

As an artist, I created technology-inspired multimedia installations, exhibiting work at the Brooklyn Museum, among other venues.

As a computer scientist (PhD in Computer Sciences, NYU & University of Luxembourg) I’m a Consulting Scientist at Stanford University’s Robotics Lab. I’ve also worked extensively in Silicon Valley, and I founded the Social Robotics Lab at the University of Luxembourg.

As a writer, I do tech journalism and author peer-reviewed articles on computer science.

As a speaker, I talk—in plain language—about a range of tech topics, from the prospect of robots inheriting the Earth, to the future of Alexa, the ubiquitous digital assistant.



“It was under these conditions ...” Excerpt from a comix created by Patrice Caire, published in Raw Magazine number 1, p. 20. New York City 1980

Patrice is available for writing and speaking engagements, art exhibitions and curation.