As an artist, I created technology-inspired multimedia installations, exhibiting work at the Brooklyn Museum and the MUDAM, among other venues.

Group Exhibitions

I also took part to group exhibitions in museums, galleries and festivals. Typically, these shows are organised by one or more curator(s) to explore a specific theme. Most of the time, curators choose the art piece, or group of artworks, they want to include in the show.

  • One Minute

    Film and video World Festival, Sao Paulo,1993

  • In the Blind Spot of Reason

    6th International Video and TV Festival, Montbeliard, 1992

  • The Milky Way

    Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica ( 1989

  • The Human Form, the Spiritual Vision

    Alex. Wood Gallery, New York, 1987

  • Ronald Feldman Gallery

    New York, 1985

  • Leila Taghinia-Milani Gallery

    New York, 1984

  • Serie Noire

    Facchetti-Burk Gallery, New York, 1984

  • Comic Relief

    Hallwalls, Buffalo, 1983

  • The Raw Show

    Seibu Gallery, Tokyo, 1983

  • Graphic Rap

    I.C.A., London (toured throughout Great Britain) 1983

  • Partitions

    Pratt Institute, New York, 1982

  • Another Look at Landscape

    Semaphore Gallery, New York, 1982